CBD For Obesity In Dogs

CBD For Obesity In Dogs
CBD For Obesity In Dogs
CBD For Obesity In Dogs
CBD For Obesity In Dogs

You would never want your dog to be cute at the cost of its healthy weight. Obesity puts the overall health of dogs at risk by increasing the chances of diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Healthy weight is one of the multitudes of benefits that CBD offers pets.

This article discusses the effectiveness of CBD in handling obesity in dogs.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Overweight?

The ideal method for identifying whether your dog is overweight is by comparing the size of your dog with other dogs of the same breed. If your dog has more thickness and roundness than the dogs to which it is compared, there must be a problem.

For precise analysis, you will need a licensed veterinarian who will weigh our dog and calculate its body Condition Score (BCS), an attribute that is similar to Body Mass Index in humans.  There is an ideal body weight specified for every breed. The value varies according to the size of the dog. If your dog is 10-20% heavier than the ideal body weight, it is technically overweight. If it is 20% and more heavy than the ideal body weight, it is technically obese.

What Are The Causes Of Overweight In Dogs?

When it comes to obesity in dogs, the reasons can be many. They include:


This is the most obvious reason for overweight in dogs. Human food and treats are some of the easiest ways your dog gains more calories. Eating high-calorie foods and too much dog food also can cause obesity in dogs.


Surgeries that limit the dog’s movement can lead to obesity. Take for example a surgery that removed a limb or eye. The dog will find it difficult to move around as it did prior to the surgery, and the decrease in activity will lead to it putting on weight.

Obesity in dogs can also be a result of diseases, some medications, and lack of exercise.

How Can CBD Handle Obesity In Dogs?

CBD handles obesity in dogs in the following ways.

Improves Mood

Low mood is one reason for the low activity level in dogs. They will not feel like running and jumping around if their mood is low for some reason. CBD has the ability to improve their mood and increase activity levels, contributing to a healthy weight.

Pain Relief

Pain makes your dogs lie down idle without any activity. Pain relief benefits of CBD increase the activity levels of dogs and helps prevent obesity.

Inflammation Relief

Like pain symptoms, inflammation also has a significant impact on the mobility of the dog. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD improve the dog’s mobility and help them maintain a healthy weight.