Will Your Dog Love Hemp Oil?

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
Healthy Hemp Oil
Healthy Hemp Oil

Stories from different parts of the world show that hemp oil, which is proven to improve our health, also does the same for our dogs! The CBD in hemp oil has many positive impacts on our pets. Let’s look at how CBD helps your dog.

CBD without THC

The industrial medical CBD products contain only cannabidiol, which was legalized a few years ago, and not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the mind-altering compound in the hemp plant. Hemp is actually not marijuana- they belong to the same species though. Hemp contains lesser than 0.3% THC whereas marijuana can contain as high as 25%. In short, feeding your dog healthy hemp oil will not get him/her high.

Helps With Anxiety

Several studies conducted by scientists show how anxiety is controlled in humans by using hemp oil. In humans, it was noted to have reduced stage fright, anxiety, and pain disorders. Similarly, experts claim, dogs will be more confident and feel secure with the intake of hemp oil.

Helps Cure Cancer

Research has shown that the CBD in hemp oil can reduce cancer cells from multiplying and increase the rate of death of tumor cells. It prevents these cells from producing energy for their survival and increases the efficacy of medical treatment.

Reduce Seizures And Epilepsies

Just like humans, dogs too suffer from seizures and as per studies, around 5% of them belong to this category. What’s painful is that the commonly used medicines that control seizures are harmful to their kidneys and liver! So, replacing them with a better alternative is a good idea.

Hemp oil has proven to have reduced the frequency of seizures and epilepsies in adults and children alike. And many confirm that the effects of the oil will be the same in dogs too.

Makes Them Hungry 

Is your dog reluctant to eat? His/her aversion to food can be caused by several factors. According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD increases appetite. Thereby, feeding your dog pure CBD hemp oil will make them hungry.

For A Healthy Heart

The renowned veterinarian Dr.Bassingthwaighte has reported that CBD improves the health of the heart. CBD products like hemp oil repair the damages to the heart blood vessels and ensure that it functions healthily.

Moreover, it is reported that CBD is safe for your dogs to consume even in large quantities. So, you don’t have to worry about accidentally feeding your dog more than you should have. Also, most dog treats also contain hemp oil. The bottom line is that healthy hemp oil is life-saving and your dog will love it!