Dabbing Tips That Beginners Should Know

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Dabbing CBD
Dabbing CBD

If you have never dabbed before, it is not going to be a piece of cake for you when you try it for the first time. Even if you are familiar with other intake methods of CBD, dabbing is going to confuse you a bit the first time.

Highly concentrated forms of CBD are called CBD dabs, CBD shatter, and wax being some examples. The concentrate is heated inside a dab rig to produce vapors that the user inhales through the equipment’s mouthpiece.

Here are some things that everyone who is new to dabbing should know about.

Select A Relaxing Environment

There is no doubt that some if not all will be anxious about dabbing CBD for the first time. To avoid being overwhelmed and get the best dabbing experience, it is important that you make yourself comfortable the first time when you attempt dabbing.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is important for many reasons when you are trying CBD by dabbing the concentrate. There are chances that you might feel like your throat is burning, especially when you are taking large doses.

Choose A Chill Day

When you are dabbing for the very first time, you will not have much idea about the dosage that is ideal for you. If you dab in high doses, you might stay glued to your couch for some time. If you are running on a busy schedule, it is better to put off your first try to some other day when you do not have any specific plans.

Get The Guidelines From An Expert

You may sometimes be a visual learner who prefers step-by-step instructions. Then it is best you get the help of someone who is an expert in dabbing when you are going to try dabbing CBD for the first time. In addition to showing you how to dab in the right way, they will share some pro tips that help you avoid burning yourself.

Because they lack a clear idea about dabbing procedures and dosage, they might end up wasting precious CBD concentrate. Finding a friend who has some idea about dabbing can help you save the concentrate so that it lasts longer.

Dabbing remains in trend primarily because of the quick onset of its effects and the high bioavailability. As the compounds in the vapors generated by heating the concentrate reach the bloodstream through the lungs, the percentage of CBD that is lost in the process of absorption is significantly reduced.