Everything to Know about Hemp Protein for Pets

Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD

Hemp is widely known for its beneficial uses that span from textiles to food and bio-plastics. It is also widely used as a big source of nutrition for humans as well as their pets. With the realization that dairy and meat farming is not sustainable, there is a greater acceptance for protein sources that are plant-based and are often used to meet nutritional needs. This is where hemp often becomes the savior.

Protein in Hemp

Hemp CBD is packed with a lot of protein and is regarded as one of the best sources of plant-based protein that you could get easily for your pet. It is the seeds of the plant that is rich in protein and not other parts like flowers or leaves.

Hemp seeds are widely used in the making of a variety of plant-based protein powders. The seeds of hemp are pressured to make fine powder which makes it easy to be used by combining with other sources of protein.

The protein powder that is made of hemp has an earthy nutty taste and hence it is mostly flavored to make it appealing in taste to more people. If you are someone who likes the earthy flavor, you can take in the seeds themselves and enjoy it in the rawest form. The same is the case with your pets – if your pet refuses to take in the raw form, you can provide them with flavored hemp protein powder.

Protein has a lot of importance to maintain the overall health of a person and this can never be understated. It is often regarded as a building block that helps in building almost all the cellular components of the body.

For example, proteins are the elements that help the recovery of a person’s body from injury. They are the elements that aid the recovery of muscles too. Therefore, it is very important to include a healthy amount of protein in the daily diet, even if it is for a person or a pet.

It is also important to know that, protein is needed for leading an active lifestyle and also for keeping the body energized and healthy.


When compared to other forms of proteins, hemp protein can be considered a legitimate powerhouse. It is a crop that has longevity and it does not damage the soil it grows.

Hemp protein is packed with nine of the most essential amino acids. This is a very impressive thing as there are very fewer plant sources that contain all of these amino acids. It is believed that hemp has an amino acid profile that is similar to egg whites and soy protein. However, it has lysine in low levels, so you would need to search for other sources for this amino acid.