Does Your CBD Have A COA?

CBD Companies With COA
CBD Companies With COA
CBD Companies With COA
CBD Companies With COA

You care for your pets because of which you might be worried about what you feed them. Especially since they cannot voice out what they do not like and what disturbs their body. It is sometimes hard to understand what they are going through when they just sit moodily or get aggressive when you pat them. Their inability to communicate with us is another reason why you might be cautious about what you give your pet and since CBD is derived from a plant belonging to the cannabis family, the feeling does not fade away. Is CBD certified? Here is what you should check before you buy CBD products for your furry friend.

What Is A COA Report? 

A Certificate Of Analysis (COA) will show you the components of the CBD or CBD product. You will get to know whether it is full-spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum CBD from the analysis. You will know the presence of THC even when it is in unnoticeable quantity.  If you are very specific about not giving your pet THC, you can buy the one you are satisfied with.

It is true that a COA can help you determine which CBD products to buy. But, not all COA’s can be trusted. Some COA’s are given by agencies closely related to the company- making the authenticity of the COA questionable. Therefore, you should ensure that the COA of the product is from a third party. Also, check whether the agency is affiliated with the company, which is much likely to happen.

In short, CBD companies with COA are most trustworthy and transparent making them a better source to buy from.

What Does A COA Have?

The COA has detailed information about the components and their concentration in the product. Often, it does not mention the components that are in very little quantity. When CBD extract is mixed with MCT or other oils, the concentration of other cannabinoids decreases to the bare minimum, because of which you will not find the COA mentioning them.

There are a few terms you should know before going through a COA.

These terms include LOD- limit of detection- and LOQ- limit of quantitation.

Limit of detection is the minimum amount of an analyst that is required to detect its presence. If a component is reported to be lesser than LOQ it means that the component cannot be detected in the product as its concentration is very less.

Limit of quantitation is the lowest quantity of a component that can be quantified. If a component is lesser than LOQ, it means that even though the presence of the component could be detected, its quantity cannot be determined.

Make sure to check the above things while buying CBD products for your pets.