Tips To Cook With CBD Oil

Cook With CBD
Cook With CBD
Cook With CBD
Cook With CBD

CBD oil is one herbal medicine that you can infuse in just about anything, kudos to the versatility of the oil. CBD oil and cooking with it is a great way to promote wellness and general health, and there are some ingenious ways in which you can incorporate CBD into your cooking. Cooking with CBD is a great way in which you can welcome the benefits of CBD every day, without the need to look for the pill bottle. Trust us, there is no better or tastier way to get your daily dose of CBD.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind the next time you are heating the pan with CBD oil. Read on…

  • Make Sure To Only Use The Best

The CBD oil must be of high quality. The reason will be very much evident -they taste better, have a better texture, and go down much easier. You needn’t go all organic but be sure to select a manufacturer that is reputable and known to put out quality CBD oil. Good CBD oils have a lower risk of the ‘metallic chemical-like taste and other unwanted smells that will make you gag and throw off your appetite entirely, let alone your recipe.

  • Dial Down The Heat

Don’t be setting the flame on high when working with CBD. The oil is not one that is to be used for frying nor heating at high temperatures, and the reason for this is that CBD oil breaks down at much lower temperatures than most cooking oils. This is why calling CBD oil a cooking oil, would be far-fetched. If you were to go beyond 200oF, most terpenes would simply breakdown and you will be missing out on plenty of benefits as a result. If you were to reach around 330oF, where the oil begins to smoke, the oil can turn bitter and downright dastardly to taste.

This is why you are much better off skipping the use of the oil in steak the next time you are firing up the grill, and instead you can drizzle the oil atop a salad or use it while making pasta.

  • Allow It Time

Taking time with this oil is key. It takes time for the fats in the oil to integrate with the dish and that way your dishes taste much better. Slower cooking also is suitable for another reason, a lowered chance of breakdown due to high heat. The moral is simple- cook low and cook slow.