Common Doubts About Using CBD For Pets

CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets
CBD For Pets

The popularity and usage of CBD for pets are increasing, and this is due to the multitude of therapeutic effects and medicinal properties of cannabidiol. For example, it can be a better option than painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs usually prescribed by veterinarians due to its lack of side effects at normal doses. That said, due to the lack of conclusive evidence about its physiological effects, it is not used as part of conventional treatment. In this article, we will best attempt to answer common doubts about using CBD for pets.

What Is CBD?

This is the most common doubt among pet parents because legally available cannabidiol (CBD) infused products are derived from the Cannabis Sativa or hemp plant, which belongs to the cannabis family of plants. Two of its well-known potential therapeutic effects are pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing properties. This can be useful for reducing the discomfort in pets due to conditions like osteoarthritis and itchy skin. Also, it may be used for calming anxious pets and can be potentially useful for treating epilepsy in dogs.

Is CBD Psychoactive?

Although CBD for pets is not psychoactive, it is produced from hemp plant strains that contain 0.3% of THC.

Listed below are some of the points that you must check before buying CBD for pet animals:

  • When you buy CBD-infused products for dogs, ensure that it is THC-free; they are sensitive to tetrahydrocannabinol.
  • CBD-infused pet products are made using hemp plant parts that contain 0.3% of THC. So, if your pet animal ingests large quantities of CBD pet product, it might experience mild THC toxicity.
  • You must ensure that the product has undergone quality assurance testing by an accredited third-party lab. You can confirm this by looking for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) which will be provided on the brand label.

What Are The Common Side Effects Of CBD For Pets?

The most common side effects of CBD are diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and inappetence. Because dogs have higher amounts of ECS receptors, they may experience ataxia with large ingestion of CBD.

What Are The Treatments For CBD Side Effects?

In most cases, the side effects due to CBD for pets are mild, and they can be managed or treated at home. However, if the signs are severe, it might be due to THC toxicity. In this case, you must take your pet animal to a veterinarian who may administer anti-nausea medication, IV fluid, and good nursing care.