How Is CBD Useful For Pets?

Packaging Practices For CBD Products
Packaging Practices For CBD Products
Vet CBD Products
Vet CBD Products

Legally available vet CBD products are derived from the hemp plant also known as cannabis Sativa. This plant contains over 113 cannabinoids including THC that is psychotropic. CBD is not psychotropic; hence it is safe for pets. Besides, it has very minimal side effects and non-toxic. Cannabidiols’ health benefits arise because it interacts with the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system of their body. These receptors are involved with the immune system and hence beneficial for your pet. This is true for almost all pets. Below listed are some of the health benefits of CBD for pet animals.

CBD as Anticonvulsant

CBD is useful in managing seizures and spasms. Seizures are caused by the overstimulating and uncontrolled firing of neurons because of higher levels of glutamate. CBD is known to reduce glutamate toxicity. Therefore it is a good anticonvulsant.

CBD as a Painkiller

A 1997 European study shows that the endocannabinoid system is involved in pain management. As mentioned earlier CBD enhances the performance of ECS. The other way it helps in managing pain is, by inhibiting anandamide reuptake in the brain. This enzyme regulates the perception of pain sensation. An increase in it helps with reduced pain sensations. Pain affects the emotional well-being of our pets. It can make them lazy and lethargic. Hence, CBD for arthritis pain is used by pet owners.

CBD as Anti-inflammatory

CBD has good anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful in treating arthritic pain due to inflammation in older pets such as dogs and horses. This is because of CBD’s ability to influence immune response. It is useful in treating indigestion caused by bowel inflammation diseases like ulcers.

Reduce Anxiety, Fear, and Stress

Just like us even our pets suffer from anxiety disorders and fears. Some of the agents that cause anxiety in them are loud noises and traveling and the anxiety responses in them are aggression, continuous barking, and incessant chewing. Many of the anxiety treatment drugs have side effects such as laziness and drowsiness. Giving CBD to your pets helps in reducing these symptoms without the side effects.

CBD as Antiemetic

CBD is useful in reducing vomiting and nausea due to side effects from certain medications. This results in fatigue, reduced appetite, and weight loss. Some of the antiemetic medications given to cats and dogs have side effects such as sedation, diarrhea, and lethargy. From many pieces of research, it is evident that CBD is a very good Antiemetic.

CBD and Homeostasis

CBD affects the endocannabinoid system and thereby improves serotonin levels. This neurotransmitter is essential in regulating homeostasis. Therefore, using it results in the overall wellness of your pet.

These are some of the popular benefits of using CBD for pets. But you should keep in mind that if your pet is taking other medications it can cause interaction with CBD. Therefore you should consult with a holistic veterinarian.