Is A CBD Balm Or Salve Right For Your Dog?

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CBD-infused topical products have been a real crowd-pleaser over the past few years. There is extremely high user demand for CBD topical products like CBD balms and salves that many manufacturers have come up with their own CBD topical. You can even find CBD topical products for your pets. However, is there any benefit in using CBD topical products for your furry friends? Read along to know.

Benefits Of CBD Balms And Salves For Dogs

A CBD topical product for dogs might not be the right choice for every situation. For instance, if you want to calm your dog from noise phobia, then an oral CBD oil will be your best choice. CBD in oral products will be absorbed into the bloodstream of your dog and will have positive effects on problems like anxiety, and digestive issues, etc. However, there are some unique benefits of using topical CBD products like CBD salve for dogs which can make it the best CBD product choice for your dog. These are discussed below.

Bypass The Digestive System 

When you give CBD orally to your dog, it passes through its digestive system and should be digested for the body of the animal to absorb it. At each stage of digestion, some of the active ingredients in the CBD oil will be lost. Studies revealing the varying absorption rate of CBD on being administered orally are in plenty.

On the other hand, while using CBD balms for dogs, the active ingredients are absorbed deeper into the skin tissues quickly. As this method can bypass the digestive system, a CBD balm can offer fast relief to your pet.

Target Specific Areas 

This is one of the most important benefits of using topical CBD products. Using CBD salves for dogs will let you target specific areas like a sore joint or a patch of itchy skin. When using topical CBD products for pets, you get the most bang for your buck as a small amount of CBD balm applied to the area can offer targeted relief. The balm will melt when it comes in contact with the skin and provides a layer of CBD salve that will be absorbed by the skin of the dog without leaving any residue.

CBD salves for dogs comprise of pet-safe ingredients making them safe even when licked by the pet. However, it is important to ensure that the dog does not lick the area for at least fifteen minutes after the application of the balm or salve, for it to be absorbed by the skin.