CBD Calming Dog Treats: Are They Worth It?

CBD For Horses
CBD For Horses

Calming dog treats have been making their mark steadily. More and more dog owners are starting to realize the plethora of benefits that using CBD dog treats has on their four-legged friends.

Although dogs are clever and extremely observant, they aren’t immune to triggers of anxiety. Just like how we get bogged down when we start overthinking and seeing all of the wrong in things, dogs also feel the same way and are affected by things that aren’t necessarily in their control. The triggers that set off these anxiety attacks are many and can range from the loud bursting of firecrackers, visit the vet, or taking them for a bath, and so on.

What is otherwise a routine activity can turn into a tiring chase and subsequent wailing. No matter what you do, your dogs aren’t able to relax, be it watching some TV or listening to some calming music, or simply petting them.

So what does one possibly do when an owner feels they have exhausted their option? Calming dog treats are for you in that case. CBD for pets do wonders in helping them combat stress and anxiety. But is it all hype, or do they actually work? Let us find out. Read on.

What Are CBD Dog Calming Treats And What Are They Used For?

CBD Calming treats are in essence dog treats but with a twist-it have ingredients in them to curb anxiety in dogs. It is mostly because of the strong anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties of CBD that help our four-legged friends stay chill.

You will know when your dog gets anxious when they start to show passive-aggressive signs of growling, snaring, or frantic pacing. They may start to howl or bark uncontrollably without any reason. They may start to whine and cower in the corner or seem less excited and slumped over. The minute you see these, pop them a CBD calming dog treats to help them stay in a jolly mood.

Why Should You Go For CBD Calming Dog Treats And Not Other Products

There are plenty of CBD products and ordinary products that perform similarly to CBD calming treats like creams, sprays, oils, and tinctures. But there is a stark contrast that makes CBD calming treats better. Let us see why.

They Taste Much Better

You might remember the time you were made to have cough syrup that tasted like it was pulled from the ground a second ago. The strong taste would send your facial muscles into a grimace like you just bit into a lemon. This is exactly how dogs feel. They like tasty stuff and tasty medicine just makes the entire thing all the easier for them.

  • No Need For Prior Preparation

All you have to do is open the packet, take the required CBD calming dog treats, and give them to your dog. That’s it. No lengthy processes. Just treat it like a pack of chips.

  • Much More Easier To Dose

Each of the CBD calming dog treats is in bite-sized proportions. You will know exactly how much you are to give your dog when the situation demands. For smaller dogs, the dosage will be lower and the dosage will be obviously higher for a St. Bernard. Try with the smallest possible dosing and see how they respond. Try to note the intensity of anxiety and the dosage that works to quell it. Does your dog seem tired and low? Does your dog put up a physical fight when it’s time for baths? Does the dog begin to howl and whine? Does your dog turn more aggressive and bite? These are signs of increasing intensities of anxiety and will require a higher dose to reduce them.

Are Calming Dog Treats Safe For My Pets? What Are The Side Effects?

One of the best things about CBD calming dog treats is the excellent side effects profile. CBD on its own has benefits that far outweigh the side effects. Needless to say, these are perfectly safe for use by your dogs. Their main purpose of CBD calming dog treats is to prevent increasing anxiety and is merely an anxiolytic, hence it is completely safe for them.

The side effects of using them arise only when dosing is not done right or on first-time use. Most of them resolve quickly and includes:

  • Sleepiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling queasy

These are mild symptoms that vanish just as quickly as they come.

The Final Note

CBD use for dogs is an exciting affair that will help our four-legged critters just as much as it helps us. Make sure to not merely skim through the various brands, instead take the time to study and read reviews before you go for a CBD brand. If there are any complications that persist and the anxiety gets worse over time, visit the vet without a thought.