How Is CBD Oil Useful For Treating Dog Allergies?

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dog
CBD For Dogs

Similar to humans, our canine friends also suffer from allergies due to various reasons and it can make life difficult for them. The symptoms can be in the form of itching, irritation, and swelling; this can reduce their active nature or in some cases induce aggressive reactions due to the discomfort. In most cases, veterinarians give prescription drugs to manage the condition. But, the therapeutic effects of CBD for dogs make it a good alternative and it has very minimal side effects compared to prescription drugs. Read on to know how CBD oil is useful for treating allergies in dogs.

What Are Dog Allergies?

Allergies in dogs are similar to that of people; it is the overreaction of the immune system to normally harmless substances. There are different types of allergies that manifest in different or similar ways in various dog breeds. The symptoms may also vary between different dogs, but these can be more often similar in some breeds. Dogs can be allergic to some food items and there are chances for it to be misdiagnosed. The indicator can be usually rashes or flaky skin all over the body, some dogs might vomit or can experience diarrhea. Environmental allergies are usually due to dust, pollen, grass, or even fleas. The symptoms are itchy and inflamed areas of the skin where it was exposed to the allergen.

CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil for dogs is produced from the hemp plant and it is useful for treating various ailments in dogs including allergic symptoms. It imparts therapeutic effects by enhancing the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and thereby regulating the immune system response to allergens. Besides, CBD oil for dogs has no psychotropic effects. CBD oil formulated for canines is devoid of THC because they are more sensitive to THC, owing to the higher concentration of endocannabinoid receptors in their body.

CBD Oil For Treating Dog Allergies

CBD oil is useful for treating dog allergies because of the CBD benefits listed below.

  • Reduce Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD oil for dogs helps to reduce the itching and other discomforts due to allergic inflammation. This also accelerates the healing of wounds in dogs.
  • Reduce Pain: Giving CBD to dogs in any form including oils helps to reduce pain and discomfort due to allergy. This is because of cannabidiol’s analgesic property that is effective in treating nociceptive and neuropathic pain.

CBD oil for dogs can be given in different ways; it can be added to their food or drinking water. There are also flavored CBD products available in the market to suit the taste of your dog.