What Are The Packaging Guidelines For CBD Products?

Packaging Practices For CBD Products
Packaging Practices For CBD Products
Packaging Practices For CBD Products
Packaging Practices For CBD Products

The developments in the CBD market indicate that the industry is going to continue its growth in the coming years too. CBD has become so popular as a medication and personal care product that the demand for CBD infused products keeps growing every day.

In this article, we focus on the packaging guidelines of CBD products:

Product Type And Variation In Packaging Guidelines

The packaging guidelines of CBD products vary according to whether the CBD product is a food or a supplement. According to the FDA, the regulations are different when it comes to food labels and supplement labels.

According to the FDA’s definition, products that contain one or more of the dietary ingredients; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, metabolites, concentrate, and dietary substances that complement diet are all considered as supplements.

Most CBD products like CBD oil, capsule, tinctures, and more fall under the category of supplements. Some cannabidiol products like CBD infused beverages and edibles are considered as foods.

What Are The FDA Food Labeling Requirements?

According to the FDA guidelines, food label has to contain the following:

  • Name of food
  • Food statements, prominence, label placements
  • Statement of the quantities of contents
  • List of ingredients
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Claims (qualified health, nutrient content, structure/function claims)

What Are The FDA Supplement Labeling Requirements?

According to the FDA, supplement labeling should contain the following:

  • General labeling for dietary supplements
  • Statement of identity specifying whether the product is a dietary supplement or botanical supplement
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Quantity of all contents
  • Ingredient labeling
  • Claims

It is also advisable to include the contact details of the manufacturer or distributor.

What Are The Highly Recommended Packaging Practices For CBD Products?

Reputable CBD manufacturers add the following information in addition to the general FDA-recommended details on the product label:

  • Amount of CBD per serving
  • Instructions for application and dosage recommendations
  • The spectrum that the CBD product belongs to
  • Purity level
  • Batch and date code of the product

CBD product labels should never include any misleading information and skip any details that are required by the FDA and the state. The information on the labels has to be displayed clearly, indicating that the placement of the label and the font size of the details on it have to be given proper attention.