How Can I Feed My Dogs CBD?

Benefits Of Smoking CBD
Benefits Of Smoking CBD
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

CBD has become a safe haven for those who want to stray away from over-the-counter medication. Although medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, and paracetamol have been in use and do well in curbing symptoms, these often come with baggage. They have been seen to cause heart-related problems and increase the chances of you having a stroke, not to mention the addiction to these when you have them regularly. CBD has been accepted by millions in the community not only as a viable but also a better replacement.

CBD has controlled many ailments ranging from arthritis and chronic pain to sleeplessness and anxiety. The list of CBD benefits certainly overshadows CBD’s side effects. But it is not just us, but also our friendly critter who can seek to gain from this miracle drug. But how do you get the CBD into them? Well, help you figure that out…

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient that is found in extraction from marijuana or cannabis plant. CBD as a matter of fact is not the only such ingredient and there are many others like THC, terpenes, and flavonoids. All of these are grouped under Cannabinoids. Marijuana is not the only source of CBD and you can also get hemp plant extracted CBD as well.

Will CBD Intoxicate My Dogs?

There is a misconception many have that CBD is the same as marijuana. No, it is only one of the active ingredients in marijuana. The feeling of “high” and euphoria you experience when you inhale or ingest marijuana is because of a substance called THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a highly psychoactive substance. This is in contrast to CBD which is a non-psychoactive substance. Matter of fact, CBD is therapeutic in nature and helps you calm down.

So, to answer your question: No, CBD products will not intoxicate your dogs. However, be sure to take an isolated or full-spectrum form. The latter has THC present in it. It is however very minuscule (around 0.3% or less). This is nearly not enough to get your dog’s high, but make sure you stay within the prescribed dosage.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Administering CBD To Dogs

  • Always make sure to consult a vet before you jump into this idea.
  • Dogs may have underlying problems such as allergies which may aggravate the problem.
  • Make sure the medication that your dogs are currently on, don’t mix up with CBD. Your vet will help you here.
  • Do not feed CBD products to dogs that are pregnant and immature. The mother and pups are connected, and anything that the mother consumes also reaches the pups!

Ways In Which You Can Administer CBD To Your Dogs

  1. Apply It Directly Into The Insides Of Your Dog’s Mouth

Most of the doses using CBD oil is done based on the number of drops or droppers full of oil that needs to be ingested by your dog based on its size and what it was intended for. If your dogs are well trained and obedient, then you’re in luck. The simplest way would be to draw up the required amount of CBD oil in the dropper, insert the tip of the dropper in your dog’s mouth, guide the dropper to the far back of the mouth without gagging them and then finally squeeze. The CBD oil has a bitter taste to it, so be sure to immediately give them treats to ensure they swallow it and wash it down. The last thing you need is for them to start dreading seeing you approach them with a CBD bottle in hand!

  1. Work It Into A Treat

If you have small dogs, then this will work best as the dosage needed for them is small. Make sure to use porous, absorbing treats and place the required amount of the dosage. Wait for a while to let the oil soak in and then throw them the treat. Voila!

  1. Mix It Up With Something Delicious

Dogs love peanut butter! You can simply put the required dosage on a tablespoon full of peanut butter, and mix it well. However make sure that this doesn’t contain xylitol, as a sweetener as these are toxic for dogs. Dogs won’t taste the bitterness and will gleefully lick the peanut butter clean off the spoon.

  1. You Can Mix It Into Their Regular Food

Avoid dry foods for this, as it won’t be nearly as effective. Simply add the CBD oil onto the wet food and let it rest. This makes sure that the CBD oil gets soaked in. Then normally feed it to your dogs

The Final Note

There is no doubt that CBD can change the lives of anyone who is willing; be it for you, or your dog, or cat. Bring CBD into their lives and see a happier dog in yours!