Can CBD Benefit Rabbits?

CBD For Rabbits
CBD For Rabbits
CBD For Rabbits
CBD For Rabbits

More and more pet owners are now hopping into the CBD bandwagon and many are now wondering if they can give CBD to pets like rabbits. However, only a little information is available on the benefits of CBD, its dosage, and effects outside of bunny forums. Many rabbit lovers and owners are eager to understand if this compound can be beneficial to their cute pets. This is why we are sharing a guide about CBD for rabbits.

ECS In Rabbits 

In 1988, a group of scientists came across receptors in the brains of mammals that could respond to cannabinoids like CBD. This was found in rats, but the existence of the system was confirmed in all mammals. There are naturally existing cannabinoid compounds in the body of rabbits that help regulate bodily processes like appetite, sleep, and mood. The technology has now expanded a lot to test and understand the effects of phytocannabinoids like CBD on small animals like ferrets and rabbits. The receptors, namely CB1 and CB2 of the endocannabinoid system attracts cannabinoid compounds like CBD and stimulate signals to ensure total well being.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Rats? 

Research on CBD is comparatively new and therefore it is tough to reach definitive conclusions on the long-term effects of CBD. However, most of the studies and research are conducted on small animals like rats and rabbits. Therefore, we can be sure that the currently available literature on CBD holds. Till now, little to no side effects are found with an appropriate dosage of CBD. However, understand that THC is harmful to rabbits and make sure to use hemp-based CBD products that do not contain THC.

Even though CBD is widely considered safe by many veterinarians, its novelty in the market makes it a product that is rarely prescribed by veterinarians to treat problems in pets. Moreover, veterinarians are bound by laws to not prescribe it as a medical treatment option. CBD can be used as a dietary supplement only and can be used as part of a holistic approach to avoid degradation and decline of pet health.

CBD Oil Benefits For Rabbits 

Even though it is a relatively new product, CBD is promising for rabbits. It can be used to avoid joint pain and can offer relief from anxiety to rabbits. Moreover, it can be used to treat mood problems, seizures, and to fight the negative effects of aging. A few significant benefits include:

CBD Can Fight Painful Joints 

Our pets cannot communicate when they are hurting, which is very unfortunate. However, pet owners might be knowing the telltale signs of pain, like limping, recoiling from being touched, and lack of movement. CBD oil can help relieve pain in pets, whether it is regular pain from moving around or pain from a serious injury. Cannabinoids that are present in the body of mammals act by targeting the pain modulating receptors. By interacting and binding with these receptors, CBD can help relieve pain in rabbits by modulating the signals of pain.

CBD Can Combat Depression And Anxiety 

Rabbits are loved for their active personalities. However, this can turn into anxiety. Besides, rabbits can be depressed too. By controlling the secretion of hormones inside the brain, CBD can help your rabbit respond well to the changes in the surroundings, stress, and feeling of loneliness.

CBD Can Fight Seizures 

The seizure fighting properties of CBD can be helpful to rabbits. Using CBD regularly can help lower the chances and frequency of seizures. Moreover, using CBD can make seizures less powerful. Studies and research that are done on rats have confirmed that CBD can lower brain activity by interacting with the neurotransmitters in the brain. Rabbits are not rats, but they are biologically very similar. As neuronal firing and seizures go hand in hand, giving CBD can help calm down the symptoms in your rabbits.

CBD Can Be Helpful For Senior Rabbits 

By combining omega 3 fatty acids with CBD, hemp CBD oils can offer the vital nutrients to have healthy neurons. Cannabinoids like CBD acts as antioxidants that can help fight inflammation and the omega fats form membranes that are involved in the transmission of signals within the brain. Using CBD oils for rabbits can help maintain learning, memory, and mood in these cute little creatures as they age.

Best Dosage Of CBD For Rabbits 

Unfortunately, there is no widely accepted and recommended CBD dosage for rabbits, as it is still a new product for pets. However, as CBD is mild, you need not worry much about giving too much CBD to your rabbits. You can start by giving 2 or 3 drops of CBD per day to see how your rabbit responds to the same. You can think of CBD as a health supplement for your rabbits that can help keep the doctor away.