Hemp, marijuana, and cannabidiol have several benefits to health, and these are all cannabis derivatives. Cannabis contains over 100 compounds, and CBD comes in supplements for pets. Experts feel that cannabidiol can have numerous benefits to pet health. Certain CBD pet brands tout that their supplements help with issues including seizures, anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, pain, nausea, and more.

Does this mean you have to give a dog or cat cannabidiol to treat anxiety, pain or any other health issue of it? Several benefits which human beings get from cannabidiol apply to a cat and dog, but one must be educated before they use CBD to treat any of these pets.

Is it okay to give a pet any CBD product, which is purchased for human consumption? One of our blog posts on CBD discusses this matter. Do go through that article to know more things about giving CBD bought for human use to a pet.

There are cannabinoid receptors right through the body of a pet. The endocannabinoid system in pets and human beings are alike, so how CBD interacts and works with it is the same as in individuals. So it is safe to give your pet the CBD product you bought for your own use.

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